The Beginning.

by ahoylebp

Hello readers. My name is Aryn. I am a 19-year-old writing student in my third year at the Savannah College of Art in Design. My plans for work after obtaining this degree lean towards the world of public relations. However, I am one who wants to do it all. So who knows what I may end up doing. Dip into the world of medicine? Become a child psychologist? Go on to teaching? We’ll see.

I’m sure you would all love to be informed of my interests. So here we go, my interests include:

Eating spaghetti. Shopping when I know I shouldn’t. Wasting gas. Writing my feelings down – on paper, with a pen. Watching movies. Showing my every emotion through my face. Watching people. Physical contact. Eating potatoes. Making money. Meowing at cats. Listening to people’s conversations. Organizing things. Drinking smoothies, especially ones from Panera Bread and McDonald’s. Babies. Singing until someone acknowledges the fact that I am singing. Doodling. Showing love to random puppies. Spending quality time with my favorites.

Yeah. There’s more, of course, that’s not all there is to me. But there is no time to go through everything. So i’ll leave you all with that beautiful list.

Now. In that list I made sure to include a couple of specific things — watching people and listening to people’s conversations. I love people. I yearn to understand people, and things, and the world as a whole. I am very observant. I have a keen eye and a keen ear.

Here, with this blog, I will be presenting you all with observations, recaps, and accounts of conversations that I eavesdrop on, things that I experience from the times that I take out to people watch. And not only this, but because getting to know people comes from a lot more than what you see through action and words they say, I will be going a little further. I will be collecting anonymous letters from people telling the things that they, for whatever reason, are afraid to say out loud.

Now, let’s get to know some people!