Need It. Gotta Have It. Really?

by ahoylebp

There is the issue of spending excessive amounts of money on the unnecessary. There is the issue of not being able to function without it, not being able to feel a sense of pleasure or happiness while sober. There are issues that weave in and out of the two, issues surrounding, and hovering next to.

Let me start by saying that I enjoy the feeling I get after consuming a few drinks. And I understand the feeling that people get when smoking marijuana. I also understand the problems with alcoholism, and that is a serious issue within itself.

I am not an alcoholic, I can live a full and pleasureful life without drinking. But there are many people that I know without the addictive illness considered with alcoholism, who seem to feel as though social gatherings must occur with the company of drinks. And I don’t understand. The same goes with those who need the company of marijuana.

Smoke sessions have become familiar to me. This is not because of the fact that I smoke — because I don’t — but because of the fact that many of the people I am associated with smoke. Smoke session “here” one day, smoke session “there” the next day.

How about we go to the park? Let’s go to the movies. Sober.

I have watched people scramble to find a few dollars in order to be able to buy a blunt, but when asked to participate in any other sort of social activity, they’re “broke”. Oh, but you’re not too broke to smoke.

No one every wants to eat with me. Ten dollars is too much to spend on a meal, the dollar menu suits just fine, but surely a .5 for 10 is great.

“I won’t eat, but i’ll come with you. Let me smoke first.”

As for alcohol, I myself have had to look back on my life and my spending. $20-$30 on a bottle, or maybe just a few dollars on a 40 oz. adds up!

Now, there’s the whole “to each his own”. I have had many conversations about what people would rather spend their money on. Most of my money goes to food and gas. That’s because I love to eat, and I love to go places, see people, and what not. And then there are those who love to smoke.

I see no problem with people who smoke and those who drink. If I did, i’d be a hypocrite. So long as this does not cause any kind of problems, social problems, financial problems.

Now, I have recently been introduced to “roach blunts”. This is a pretty interesting idea, a good way to conserve. HOWEVER, when I see people flipping cushions, checking pockets, and what have you, looking for roaches to make a full blunt, or pack a bowl, I gain a sense of concern.

Like, it’s that serious?