The Follow Up. Labels.

by ahoylebp

I previously raised the question of why there is an unwillingness to be completely open with sexual orientation, in reference to my last post. Now, this is from the topic of bisexuality, but it could be applied to others.

“I’ve had people very close to me say that every bisexual person they know, including myself, is simply biding their time until they come out fully, entering in to a same-sex relationship while not ready to come out as gay, that it’s simply an easy “in-between” phase.” – Kathryn Lamble, The Big B.

I found an article post by Kathryn Lamble, The Big B, dealing with bisexuality, coming out as such, and reasons for having to come out at all.

Many people struggle with identifying with specific communities, a lot of people deny their feelings, make excuses for things, and go back and forth. Many people even try to say that they are “testing the waters”, maybe just “exploring”.

Coming out, and being comfortable with just being, is a constant struggle that many people face. I agree with Lamble when she says that “in a perfect world” placing labels on our sexuality would not even be necessary. This would eliminate a lot of stress and confusion, and allow us all to just be as we are, comfortably.

“It wouldn’t become a point of preoccupation for people to need to establish which category they can put you in based on your sexuality, gender, race, class status, job, diet… whatever. But that’s not the world we live in. Instead, in the 21st century we have inherited a legacy that still places an incredible amount of importance on labelling. We want to know who is like us and who isn’t, and we want an easy way to do that… so we do it through words.” – Kathryn Lamble, The Big B.

She puts it nice and plainly. This does have a lot to do with people and how much they are too focused on other people — wanting to know who is a certain way, like us, or not. And as for words, I have always felt that people get too caught up on words in many instances, and this is a good example. An easy way to categorize people — through words.

Why is it necessary to make any sort of declaration? Why not just be?

“It’s a beautiful thing that attraction, be that one spectacular night or a lifetime of devotion, often doesn’t discriminate along the lines of sex or gender.” – Kathryn Lamble, The Big B.